Drug Matters

Drug Matters

Drug related offences are some of the most common criminal offences and can result in serious consequences with the potential to greatly impact your reputation, employment, and liberty.  Prohibited drugs include opium, cannabis, heroin, cocaine, LSD, and other drugs which are subject to misuse.

We have successfully represented clients on a variety of drug related charges, from possession for personal use, to large-scale importation and manufacture.

We will examine and assess your matter, discuss your options, and depending on the case, we will negotiate to have the charges reduced, or dropped.

  • Drug  Offences
    • Possess a prohibited drug
    • Supply prohibited drug
    • Cultivate prohibited plan
    • Intentionally import prohibited tier 1 goods (steroids)
    • Manufacture a prohibited drug
  • Magistrate’s Early Referral Into Treatment Programme
    • The MERIT programme is a common voluntary rehabilitation programme for adult offenders as part of the bail process.  It runs over a minimum of 12 weeks.  Completion of MERIT can help lessen the severity of the overall penalty.